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A Live Panorama is a live transmission of panoramic photos, using a notebook and a mobile connection, so you can see what realy happens in a place at short time intervals.

I called it "Live Panoramas", because the photos could be on-line few minutes after shooting (5-9 minutes using my actual hardware and mobile connection), without blending or editing, and in a corner of the screen the date:time (got from the exif) and the gps position will be shown (when this is available).
Upload time for panoramic photos can be very much decreased by using a faster notebook.

As opposed to regular panoramas ( www.dxn.ro ), Live Panoramas are stitchless, unretouched, real panoramas, made from six shoots with a fisheye lens, very appropriate for shows, weddings, meetings, and other events.

To explore a Live Panorama in desired direction, click and drag the image, or use the arrow keys. Also, when multiple views are available in a certain direction, you can switch the view by pressing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... keys (in DevalVR versions only).

To view Live Panoramas, you have to install DevalVR Player or Flash Player.
Initially, my stitchless technique was available in DevalVR only, due to new features kindly implemented by Fiero in DevalVR Player, then my stitchless technique was brilliantly ported to flash by Klaus from www.krpano.com, and now I'm able to publish the Live Panoramas in flash as well.

The software I wrote works even when the notebook is folded, and communicate with panographer by talking (synthesis voice). The notebook works like panoramic wireless transmitter, a vodafone mobile connection is used for upload, and assures the independence from various wireless networks which may or may not be available.

There is no need to wait for the upload, I mean if the event is very dynamic, I can shoot 6 panos in 3 minutes or less, but the last one will be on-line when the software process it (half an hour later with current gear).

Using my stitchless method, the panos can be shot from tripod, using a lens ring like R1 from NodalNinja, or another precise panohead, or even handheld.

There are some differences between Live Panoramas taken with different equipments. Using the R1 from NodalNinja, you can shoot the best Live Panoramas, because R1 eliminate the parallax and the "jumps", it has 8 precise on-the-fly tilting options (-15, -10, -7.5, -2.5, 0, +5, +7.5, +12.5 deg).

Camera must be in landscape position if it's not a full 180° circle on the sensor, that's due to landscape format of the common computer display. Although the sphere is not complete, the panographer can choose the FOV of interest by precise tilting the camera with those values of R1, and the panohead must be leveled, of course.

I think you will find Live Panoramas usefull for journalistic VR, events, or when editing is not allowed: forensic, and so on.
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Stitchless Panoramas

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