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Sometimes, the stitchless panorama resemble very much with the spherical panorama, but the technique of producing stitchless panorama is different.

Standard stitchless panoramas are produced in two ways.
1. From 6 photos taken with a fisheye lens (Sigma, Tokina, Samyang, Nikor, Canon), crop camera in the landscape orientation, and mounted on a tripod, using a precise panohead, or even handheld. In the case of full frame cameras, you can shoot in both orientations.
2. From 12 photos taken with a fisheye lens (Sigma or Peleng), camera mounted on a tripod in the portrait orientation, using a precise panohead. This method is recommended in the case of crop cameras, to obtain a full sphere panorama.

The photos are automatically processed, a dedicated soft corrects de CA and vignetting, applys the final sharpness (if necessary), converts the fisheyes to cube faces and produces the stitchless panoramas.

As opposed to spherical panoramas, in stitchless panoramas photos are not stitched, so what you see on the screen is a real photo (one of those 6/12 photos). Depending on equipment used, there could be some "jumps" when another photo is shown. If the photos are correctly taken, when you explore the panorama you will not notice that another photo is shown, but you will see some objects appears and disappears. This is because moving objects changes their position over time.

Stitchless panoramas taken with a crop camera in landscape orientation resemble with a cylindrical panorama, while using a full frame camera, the sphere will be complete, like in stitched, spherical panoramas.

If necessary, the photos taken for stitchless panoramas can be stitched into 360x180 spherical panoramas.

In stitchless panoramas, in a corner of the screen you can see the date:time (got from the exif) and the gps position, when these data are available.

Stitchless panoramas are very usefull for journalistic VR, events, in windy conditions, when stitching is difficult or impossible, or when editing is not allowed: forensic, and so on.

You don't have to retouch stitchless panoramas, because this is not necessary, there is no clones, no stitching problems, no blending problems, no brocken features, and so on.

Before automatic processing, you have to correct the white balance, if necessary, and you can adjust colors, if you wish. Also, you can use bracketing to obtain a satisfactory image.

Stitchless panoramas can be organized in virtual tours for websites, or for CD.
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