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1. General terms and conditions

www.livepanoramas.com is a website that contain panoramic photos live transmitted by Dorin Godja from events, and photos made by other photographers with different photo equipments, and also informations about stitchless technique, invented by the photographer Dorin Godja. The mentioned images and informations are not available for use in comercial purposes, these can only be used in an informative way.

If you want to use stitchless technique in comercial projects, you have to Contact the author of stitchless technique, the photographer Dorin Godja.

In order to refer to www.livepanoramas.com website, it's recommended to use the direct link, or the permalink. Do not show the www.livepanoramas.com website in frames, because it won't work properly.

The owner of the www.livepanoramas.com website reserve the right not to publish all events he photo-documented, and not to store them unlimited time.

The visitors of www.livepanoramas.com website have to consider that live transmission can be delayed by some technical failures, and the transmission will be continued as soon as possible.

2. Terms and conditions for registered users

The users of services offered by www.livepanoramas.com website have to agree with the following terms and conditions:

Stitchless panoramas, or spherical stitchless panoramas, or Live Panoramas, represent the same thing: a spherical panorama from fisheye photographs, without stitching.

The online services offered by www.livepanoramas.com website are in advanced development stage. These innovative services allow you to create stitchless spherical panoramas online, and virtual tours online, straight from the fisheye photographs. To get the best results, all informations that you provide to www.livepanoramas.com must be true and accurate.

In order to create stitchless panoramas and virtual tours online you have to submit fisheye photographs taken by you, or that you have the right to use.

You will submit photos with proper content, according to the laws of your country. You will not submit photos with improper content: content that is indecent, vulgar, libellous, inflammatory, harmful, or invasive of another's privacy. The photos with improper content will not be processed, and you may lose your credits, and your account will be suspended at repeated infringements.

Also, you will submit photos technically correctly taken, with a proper photo equipment. Otherwise, there are many chances to receive a stitchless panorama with some imperfections, or the processing of the submitted fisheye photographs will not be possible, and the credit will not be returned to you.

The fisheye photographs submitted by you to www.livepanoramas.com are automatically processed by a dedicated software that only perform standard corrections. The software will not perform: color adjustment, contrast and brightness correction, white balance correction.

The processing time depends on server availability, and is shown in stitchless panoramas and virtual tour online section.

If you intend to use in comercial projects the stitchless panoramas created online in livepanoramas.com website, you will buy a krpano licence from www.krpano.com.

Livepanoramas will take appropriate measures to protect the informations about its users. We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with proper services.

We will not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.

Livepanoramas may change these terms and conditions from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you agree with any changes.

On request, your account will be deleted from livepanoramas database.

Livepanoramas reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user's access to his account in case of infringement of above mentioned terms and conditions.

We thank you for reading www.livepanoramas.com Terms and conditions!

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